Borgo Gelso is located halfway between Lecce and Il Capo di Leuca and, if you wish, it’s yours to call home. The name ‘Borgo’ (‘village’) is descriptive of this independent facility enclosed within fascinating 19th-century walls at the heart of the city centre; a place for total tranquility and well-being.

The legacy of the Mulberry

The property pays homage to the Mulberry (‘Gelso’), a centuries-old tree whose history is intertwined with Norman culture and that of the Chinese emperors, who reigned three thousand years ago. The Greeks called this tree patient and wise, for its ability to withstand frost before its leaves grew in. The majestic mulberry tree provides shade over the main courtyard, where you’ll be welcomed on your arrival. It’s an heir to a cherished past, and now lends its shade and sense of peace to our property in the historic centre of a small town in Salento.

The poetry of Salento

Borgo Gelso is a place for you to relax and enjoy the surrounding culture and landscapes. This place will make you fall in love with Salento’s individuality: from the menhirs to the cave churches and the Baroque, Romanesque and Norman architecture; from the karst caves to the natural parks and ancient fortresses; and from the eclectic villas of Leuca to the white beaches of Gallipoli. Salento offers many types of entertainment, from horse riding to village festivals with their famous light displays, not to mention the concerts in castles and film festivals by the sea in ​​Otranto.


Borgo Gelso is the perfect location to use as a base: it’s quiet but central, and immersed in nature but equipped with modern comforts. From bio mattresses to help you rest and recharge, to mechanical fixtures and recessed lights, modern furniture, latest generation kitchens and facilities and – last but not least – underfloor heating and cooling systems. Inside, these rooms provide an atmosphere of natural freshness, thanks to the microorganisms used when cleaning them.

Charme and relaxation

This nineteenth-century property is typical of the area and reminiscent of an old masseria with restored stone and tuff walls, a huge mulberry tree that provides shade to the largest courtyard and a small citrus grove near the swimming pool and spa. You can experience Borgo Gelso however you wish, choosing from four accommodation types, all designed with your relaxation in mind.


Sunbathe on the terrace, have a dip in the pool, take a walk in the square or courtyard, relax in the Jacuzzi or get ready for an evening barbeque.

Casa Gelso

The doors of Casa Gelso and the other apartments are open. Complete the booking form for you and your group of friends and send us a stay request. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and we look forward to welcoming you.